The itavi™ Mission

Quality childcare providers equals quality care.

We empower our providers, providing them with the tools and resources they need to create a fulfilling professional experience, resulting in the highest quality care possible.

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The itavi™ Method

With itavi™, children benefit from a variety of constructive and educational touch-points including play, exercise, learning, drawing and reading, signature components of the itavi™ Method – a proven program engaging kids with positivity and productivity. Parents can rest easy knowing that while they may be leaving their children for a brief time, kids are receiving a rewarding session with the itavi™ Method.

child playing with blocks


We provide a dynamic, memorable experience with our positive playtime and games. Let’s have the best day ever – all in good fun.

exercising with child


Our providers get kids up off the couch with engaging, specially-designed routines. Kids get to choose their favorite exercises, and experiences are standardized across all of our locations for proven results you can count on.

child learning


Choose from a myriad of educational subjects for your child to learn all about. Topics include localized learning materials from the city your family is staying in, and lessons are delivered in a fun and engaging format.


Kids can’t get enough of our finely curated reading lists with materials for all levels and ages. We offer a variety of kid-friendly stories, including time-tested classics and new best-selling children’s authors.

child drawing


From coloring books to step-by-step drawing kits, we love getting artsy. Materials include locally-inspired coloring books for a dash of cultural flavor as well as kid-favorite drawing guides for all ages.

Absolute Peace Of Mind

Your trust is our first priority, that’s why we provide video conferencing check-ins at any time.