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As a Spanish tutor and former Montessori schoolteacher, Carolina believes in the power of education. She holds a degree in mechanical engineering and is currently studying for her master’s in neuropsychology.

Carolina admires a child’s capacity to learn from different perspectives, and she loves inspiring kids through reading, creative activities and play. In the end, she believes she gains as much from children as they do from her.

Carolina is an avid traveler and enjoys spending time at the beach and staying active.


Venise believes every child deserves to be treated like a blank canvas, drawing out the unique qualities that make them singularly special and one of one. She seeks to inspire kids through everyday mentoring, which in turn brings out the inner kid in herself.

Venise possesses eight years of childcare experience, is certified in CPR– and First-Aid training and speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Creole. In addition to working with kids, Venise is a cosmetologist and musician by trade. In the future, she dreams of owning her own spa and traveling around the world.


Children are genuine and pure; they should be taught how to think, not what to think. When it comes to childcare, these beliefs shape Nathalie’s heart for working with kids – whether that be inspiring them through art or other forms of positive reinforcement.

Nathalie owns seven years of childcare experience, and her profession in hospitality revolves around caring for children. She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. She’s been certified in CPR training and additional childcare programming.

Nathalie enjoys being active and has a passion for art, education and creative outlets. For the future, her goal is to spread happiness rooted in learning and being present in the moment.

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